Stop Hiding, Start Asking
4-day challenge

From the Creators of the Power of the Ask™ Academy.

This 4-day course and challenge will teach you the strategies and mindset tools to speak up about your value and ideas, and ask for what you want with confidence, clarity, and conviction.

Ready to stop hiding behind your workload and fears, and start asking for (and getting) the things that'll make you happy?

Then sign up below, sit back and get ready for your world to be rocked in the best ways!

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What to expect

For 4 days you’ll get gifts of wisdom that are all value.

There's no fluff that takes up space and cannot change your life. These are short emails (including videos) with insights and strategies that'll change your life the way it did mine. So you can start putting your new knowledge and strategies them into action as soon as your done. 

  • Day 1 (Nov 21st): Why clarity on what you want eliminates  frustration & "wandering" + how to get clear on what you want
  • Day 2: Why even the most confident people struggle to articulate what they want to say + how to overcome this challenge AND get buy-in from others
  • Day 3: Why people succumb to their imposter syndrome and inner critic + how to heal these wounds to step into the most confident and empowered version of yourself
  • Day 4: The common pitfalls in verbal and non-verbal cues + how to speak with clarity, confidence, and conviction

By the end of this challenge, you will have all the pieces to start putting together powerful asks and delivering them with confidence and conviction.



Imagine the possibilities

Imagine the possibilities of equipping and empowering yourself with strategies and the mindset to speak with confidence, clarity, and conviction about the things you need and your ideas. 

What would your life look like?

How much happier, relieved, and more energized would you be?

Now that you have that picture (and have chills of excitement), let’s make it happen!

The investment...


  • 4 days of emails (including videos), which you can watch live or revisit

  • Proven, ACTIONABLE strategies from the full Power of the Ask Academy to speak up about your value and ideas, and ask for what you want with clarity and conviction

  • Mindset tools to feel more confident and empowered when you speak

  • The pieces to start putting together and delivering powerful asks for the support, opportunities, appreciation, time, opportunities, respect, and even money you desire
Invest in yourself now

Hi, I'm Jacqueline!!

I'm the Founder of the Power of the Ask™ Academy, a former Corporate Leader of Deloitte and an acquired start up, and a Wife and Mom of a toddler who is empowering people around the world to live with more confidence, happiness, support, appreciation, respect and even the roles and raises they truly desire.  

Everyone has their zone of genius – mine is teaching people how to get crystal clear on what they need for their UNIQUE situation and turn it into the RIGHT WORDS and A CONFIDENT CONVERSATION, with the right people who say “yes” to their needs.

From struggling to soaring

The first half of my 16-year corporate career, I was GRINDING, overwhelmed, underappreciated, missing opportunities, burned out, and lonely. I was on the wrong side of the gender pay gap and mental health crisis, and the more I succeeded the more I sacrificed.

And my personal life was pretty subpar. I didn't have the energy or time to enjoy one, and was going along to get along with my partners but not truly happy.

I noticed those who were TRULY thriving and happy MASTERED the 4 skills in the Academy and this Challenge. Those who struggled, did 1 – maybe 2 – of these skills.

Once I mastered the strategies in THIS challenge, my life transformed and I:

  • Designed my own roles to fit my skills and passions
  • Negotiated 20% pay raises, extra team members, and virtual working (before it was a thing)
  • Set my own schedule & took vacation as I wanted
  • Took a sabbatical
  • Gained respect and the ear from people I wanted (including rooms of all men)
  • Am married to the man of my dreams and have a child
  • Have my "village" to support me navigating working motherhood and constant change
  • Have freedom in my life because I'm equipped to speak up for what I want & believe

Are you ready to be empowered with the actionable strategies and confidence to speak up for yourself and what YOU want? 


Yes, I'm ready!