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How to give & receive effective feedback - and feel more comfortable with the process

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This Masterclass takes you BEYOND JUST knowing your behaviors when it comes to feedback — you'll know when your Enneagram personality type's behaviors help and hinder you, have personalized strategies to DO THINGS DIFFERENTLY, and know HOW TO INTEGRATE the strategies because I coach you.

Plus, you'll learn a mind-blowingly effective framework for packaging and delivering feedback.

So others say to you...

“Thanks for the great feedback. You make it look easy." (and then they'll action what you say)

And you'll be thinking...

"Wow, this feels so much easier.”



Your Coach, 

Jacqueline Hawk

NOTE: This Masterclass includes information on all Enneagram types so that you can learn about more than your own.

If you don't know your Enneagram type, don't worry. Once you buy the Masterclass, your welcome email includes links to learn your type.