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Personalize your Power of the Ask Academy experience with this masterclass that will teach you exactly how you're perceived when you communicate, based on your Enneagram type AND the 1-2 strategies for your Enneagram type to improve your verbal and non-verbal communication. Once you purchase this Masterclass, you'll receive a link to take the Enneagram assessment.

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Power of the Ask™ Academy (Self study)

It's finally time for you to stand in your power and speak with clarity, confidence & conviction... 

...shatter the status quo, re-ignite the fire in you and manifest your dreams through powerfully spoken words.

... so you not only get the support, appreciation, opportunities, money, boundaries, and/or respect you've been desiring - you'll FEEL better about about every interaction!

 Here's what you will have access to INSIDE this Academy that'll empower you to get the things you desire most now to be happy, healthy and fulfilled:

  • All the Videos of me coaching you through the 4 core modules: creating CLARITY, creating a CONVINCING & ALIGNED message, empowering your MINDSET and delivering with FINESSE
  • Videos coaching you through 2 bonus modules (including how to handle "no") 
  • Worksheets to follow along, build your "asks", and to reference after the Academy
  • Scripts you will personalize to make what you want compelling and convincing
  • Actionable strategies anyone can understand and put into place
  • Guidance on how to APPLY every strategy you learn to YOUR unique situation
  • Case studies in each module to understand how others applied each strategy and the system to their situations
  • Unparalleled insights and tools from Neurolinguistic-programming (NLP), somatic, corporate experience, motherhood, and partnership
  • Reflections & practice opportunities so you internalize new HABITS, not temporary skills
  • Results throughout the Academy, not just at the end


You are NOT here to live a pre-fab life.

You are NOT meant to be trapped by the expectations of others.

You are NOT meant to dim your light while others shine.

You are NOT meant to live with regret.


You ARE meant to have needs and ideas and ask for them.

You ARE meant to design and create your destiny.

You ARE meant to feel free inside and out.

You ARE meant to shine bright and express yourself.


I and the Power of the Ask system will get you there, so you too are saying...

"oh my god, everything I want is falling into place!"


See you inside the Academy!

Your Coach,

Jacqueline Hawk