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How to avoid sabotaging your goals & more easily achieve your dreams - based on your Enneagram Type

Enter your information to get started learning the strategies unique to YOUR Enneagram type to avoid sabotaging your goals and course-correct when you're struggling, AND how to integrate them.

Through this Masterclass of videos of me coaching you, you're going to learn:

  • "What" - What you need to know about your personality type & patterns to avoid fighting it and step into greater ease
  • "So what" - How your personality helps and hinders you when it comes to achieving your goals, and communicating with others on that journey
  • "Now what" - The 2-3 strategies unique to YOUR Enneagram type to get back on track achieving your goals, and make it easier in the future
  • "How" - How to apply your personalized strategies to your unique situation (this is a KEY part!)

THIS Masterclass is everything you need to STOP wondering why you don't achieve your goals or it's hard to, and START achieving them with ease.

Why? Because you'll go beyond JUST knowing your patterns and personalized strategies -- You'll know what to DO about them, how to INTEGRATE the strategies into your life, and be saying...

wow I feel unstoppable in pursuit of my goals and they were so much easier to accomplish!


Your Coach, 

Jacqueline Hawk

* Note: This Masterclass includes ALL Enneagram types so you can learn about others' as well as your own.

If you don't know your Enneagram type, don't stress. Once you purchase the Masterclass, your welcome email will include a link to get your type.