How to communicate more effectively, confidently, & influentially - based on your Enneagram type

A Masterclass  

This Masterclass teaches you how your Enneagram Types communicates, how your verbal AND non-verbal communication style is experienced by others, and the strategies unique to your Type to improve your communication.

Ultimately, so you END the days of being misunderstood and not heard - and INSTEAD are a more effective, clear, confident and influential communicator.

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What you SAY and what others HEAR is often different. 

To be heard and understood, you need to become more aware of how you communicate and how others experienced you.

This is where the Enneagram personality assessment becomes your superpower.

The Enneagram assessment wakes us up to the 9 ways people interact with the world to get their needs met through their different behaviors, and the impact of their behaviors (good & bad).

Because it's stressful to know when and why we struggle...
The Enneagram also GIVES US STRATEGIES UNIQUE TO OUR ENNEAGRAM TYPE to course correct when our previously unconscious patterns are wreaking and havoc making life, happiness, relationships, goals, health and achievements difficult.

Those who understand their preferred communication style, patterns and course-correcting strategies through the Enneagram... 
Are able to communicate more effectively with others and ENJOY it. When old patterns creep up, they know what to do differently to override them with helpful, personalized patterns. Plain and simple.

Those who lack this depth of self-awareness...
Are frustrated that they're not understood, are ineffective, and play whack-a-mole trying strategies that work for others - but not them.

"Why can't I live with my unconscious patterns? "
You could, but when you fall prey to your unconscious patterns you can't communicate effectively because they sabotage you. We can't eliminate these shadows, but we can learn to live with and recognize them - and WHAT TO DO DIFFERENTLY so you are
 more effective, confident, and influential when you engage with others.


With all the right personalized insights and strategies for your Enneagram Type, this Masterclass is everything you need to become a more effective, confident, and influential communicator within a week flat.


Don't know you're Enneagram type? Don't stress. I can email you a link after you register for this Masterclass.

In this Masterclass, you'll walk away knowing:


  • Your VERBAL communication patterns
  • Your NON-VERBAL PATTERNS (body language, listening & writing)
  • The UNDERLYING MESSAGE you're communicating - often without knowing it


  • STRENGTHS when communicating
  • CHALLENGES when communicating


  • The STRATEGIES SPECIFIC TO YOUR ENNEAGRAM TYPE to be heard, understood, confident, and effective

Ready to stop letting your unconscious communication patterns rule your life?

And instead learn new behaviors to be heard, understood, influential, and effective every time you communicate - and have others notice?


Yes, I'm ready to be heard, understood and effective!

Understanding how my Enneagram Type 7 communicates helped me be more understood, influential, and confident... 


I knew that I was a quick thinker, solution-oriented, a visionary, planner, and inclusive of others thanks to my Type 7, yet I didn't realize until I was coached with the Enneagram that:

  • Others struggled to keep up with the pace of my talking and actions - which explained the mutual frustration in my relationships. Including my own because others struggled to "keep up" and follow through.
  • Being solution oriented and quick to reframe negatives into a positives and solutions wasn't always right for the situation and needs of others.  
  • Others struggled to know what they should action because Type 7s share a lot out loud without clarifying what's most important.
  • Some people thought I was rude because like an unaware Type 7, I’d multitask and not be as present as they needed.   

THEN a brilliant Coach taught me how to leverage my strengths AND the strategies unique to my Enneagram Type 7 to avoid ALL my communication pitfalls AND how to integrate them (integration is essential).

Now it's EASY to slow down, bring people along as I think and speak, and be clear, concise, and understood. Every one of my relationships and interactions are easier and better.

This Masterclass has the insight and strategies to help YOU, if you are (check all that apply):

  • Process oriented and like detail, yet are told you’re critical, opinionated, judgmental or rigid

  • Focus on what others need and can see what they need, yet offer unsolicited advice and get resentful when others don’t “return the favor” or show their appreciation for all you do

  • Confident, clear, concrete, efficient, and solution-oriented, yet are impatient with lengthy discourse or emotional exchanges and find people

  • Deep, empathic, and creative, yet are told you make conversations about yourself and are too emotional

  • Analytical, objective and detail oriented, but are told you’re as detached, arrogant and disconnected

  • Share all sides of the coin, are inquisitive, and prepared, yet are told you’re excessively skeptical, reactive, and test others

  • Positive, fast-paced, think quickly, and are solution oriented, but you’re told others struggle to follow what you’re saying, get distracted and aren’t taken seriously or spread too thin

  • Candid, straight talking and action-oriented, yet told you’re intimidating, demanding, dismissive and often visibly angry

  • Supportive, take all opinions on board and collaborative, yet not forthcoming about what’s important to you, say “yes” when you mean “no”, and frustrate yourself by not speaking up


Just want to know WHAT to do differently and HOW to do it in YOUR life, so you can are heard, understood, influential and thinking "phew, conversations and relationships are so much easier"

That's me! Take me to the Masterclass

What students are saying...

“Now I understand WHY I felt misunderstood when I communicated and now have the tools to be understood and more confident.

This had been THE biggest roadblock between me and my success, feeling understood and decreasing my stress. I even worked with a Tony Robbins coach and he did not solve it, yet Jacqueline's Enneagram coaching DID!"

Monika U.

“Understanding my Enneagram type through Jacqueline helped me as a Leader and Manager to better communicate with my team and help them continue to grow and master their craft. "

Vicki T.

Hi, I'm your Coach, Jacqueline

Founder, Soar Coaching & Consulting
Certified Enneagram Coach - Level 2, iEQ9
Former Corporate Leader (Deloitte)
Creator, Power of the Ask Academy
Mom & Wife


As a Coach, my passion, profession, and zone of genius is equipping individuals (in and out of the workforce) and teams with incredible self-awareness, direction, confidence, and communication skills to more easily navigate their life and relationships, and achieve their deepest desires.

The systems and courses I've created and share with you are based on my experience making my life 10x easier and more enjoyable!

And they put fundamental rights BACK in people's hands — to know who they are and what they desire, and then go after and get it by confidently and effectively communicating their value, ideas, and needs. 

Using tools like the Enneagram personality assessment, my proprietary Power of the Ask system, and 16 years of experience in the corporate and start-up world I create long-term transformation not just by "fixing" people's issues, but by TEACHING others how to UNDERSTAND themselves, REWIRE their mindset, and use my REPEATABLE STRATEGIES to COACH THEMSELVES through any situation - thus making their lives happier and easier.

Individuals and teams at companies like Salesforce, Google, Google Ventures, Qualtrics, First Republic Bank, Drift, and Duckhorn Vineyards (to name a few) plus many individuals NOT in the workforce look to me to guide them to be unstoppable when making changing in their life, pursuing their goals, more ease, and more enjoyment.

Ready to be equipped with the strategies unique to your personality type to be more effective, understood, influential, and confident?

Yes, I am ready!

"Until you make the unconscious, conscious, it will rule your life and you will call it fate."

- Carl Jung

It's time to master your life by mastering your unconscious behaviors and learning to choose new behaviors.