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Hello ! I'm
Jacqueline Hawk

of SOAR coaching & Consulting

I am a speaking and presence coach who empowers women to step into their personal power and learn to speak confidently about their value, ideas, and needs - so they advance their careers on their terms & are paid their worth (all while doing their best work), improve their relationships, AND receive the support, appreciation & respect they deserve - at home & work.

I am on a mission to create a society where women feel confident and know how to speak up for what they need, ask for what they are worth, and feel comfortable when they receive everything they've always wanted.

My Courses

My courses teach women strategies to adjust the way they communicate AND shift their beliefs and mindset, so they feel worthy of going after anything they want without guilt, fear or imposter syndrome and have the skills to get it!

By combining experience from 16 years in the corporate world; coach, neurolinguistics-programing & somatic training; marriage; and motherhood, my unique programs coach the whole woman to step into her authentic and powerful style so not only does she step into her natural, authentic, and powerful way of communicating to get results, her transformation is long-lasting.

Let’s get you soaring



End the days of self-sabotage and wondering "why am I misunderstood and not getting through to others" by using the Enneagram personality assessment to understand your motivations and communication - and how it impacts your ability to get through to others.

AND learn the personalized strategies unique to your personality & Enneagram type to decondition unhelpful patterns and recondition you with effective habits that take your ability to connect with others (including yourself) to the next level.



I want to
speak powerfully


Overcome the 4 biggest challenges women face when communicating and being heard when they speak about their value, career opportunities, boundaries, and need for support, appreciation and respect - without being pushy overly masculine:

  • MINDSET (including confidence)

Take your life, happiness, health, paycheck & fulfillment to the next level because you're empowered to speak up and get what you need in EVERY situation.


Together we can improve your career, relationships, & wellbeing.

Soar is here to empower women everywhere to use their voice and make positive changes in their day to day lives.




The strategies and mindset shifts taught in our courses are easy to understand and implement, even in high-pressure situations, helping clients make big changes even amidst a busy life.


Clients continue to improve their skills because they're taught to self-coach long after our work together is done. Yes, the benefits keep rolling in!


All of our clients see the changes in their lives that they've been yearning for - and they have a permanent feeling of  “I CAN continue to transform my situation when I need to, and I know HOW!”.


Clients learn more about themselves, how they operate, and what it's like to step into the best version of themselves thanks to tools we incorporate from the Enneagram, Neurolinguistics-programming (NLP), somatics, and reflection.


Our unique approach bridges the corporate, family, physical, mental, emotional, and metaphysical worlds in order to coach the whole-person and thus create effective and systemic changes in every are of your life.


Our clients attest that our courses and services consistently exceed expectations for individuals and for businesses, they increase ROI, retention, and engagement; and deliver undeniable value.

Hi I'm

Jacqueline Hawk


I’ve lived my life very differently than most women the last 10 years because I stopped grinding, pushing, and feeling limited and resentful in my career and relationships. I found a way to be heard, respected, supported, appreciated, and like I’m constantly growing – even when I was climbing the corporate ladder at Deloitte designing my own roles, getting 20% pay-raises, getting unheard of permission to pursue my passions with a startup while building out Deloitte's private company practice, enjoying my vacation time, and now as a business owner, and working mom.

My transformation is due to gaining the skills, strategies, and mindset to know what I want (not just what others want of me), communicate it in a way that’s clear and convincing, and feel confident doing so.

Specifically, becoming aware of how my personality as an Enneagram 7-4-1 impacted my communication, AND creating my Power of the Ask system EVERYTHING changed. While I usually get a “yes”, even if I don’t, I still feel empowered in every situations to give it my best.

When I realized other women wanted the results in their careers and relationships that I was constantly creating for myself, yet they lacked the skills and mindset, I set out to teach them exactly HOW (not just inspire them) through my experience, tools, trainings and self-created systems, including:

  • Certified Coach (International Coaching Federation - ICF)
  • Certified neurolinguistic programming (NLP) coach
  • Experience working with both Fortune 500 companies & small organizations
  • Holistic, action-oriented implementation
  • Certified Enneagram Coach (iEQ9)
  • Corporate background to complement my coaching skills
  • Enneagram 7-4-1 "The Visionary"
  • Human Design 4/6 Projector "The Role Model"

Mom & Wife

Tell Me More!

Women at these organizations are soaring to
new heights...

Why "Soar"?


Ever watched a bird soar? It's EFFORTLESS and they look like they're having a BLAST!


That's exactly the state I get my clients to, and YOU deserve to live in too.


If you're like most of my clients you found me after spending years flapping your proverbial "wings" transitioning from one phase of life, relationship and goal to the next - maybe even taken some nose-dives. Those days can come to an end through working together... plus, with a last name like Hawk, Soar is a natural fit for my company's name!


Ready to SOAR when you communicate, instead of flap, flail, or nose-dive through your days?



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