How to give & receive better feedback - and feel more comfortable with the process  

...By understanding the IMPACT of your personality type

A Masterclass, based on your Enneagram type to become understood, more confident, and have people action what you say when giving and receiving feedback. 

Most people struggle with feedback because they don’t understand the impact of their personality and feedback style on others. 


Whether it's a performance review, conversation about a project or a meal you had, OR the support you're getting in your team and relationships, some people are direct and seen as critical, others share ample details yet the receiver doesn't follow through "correctly" - and others worry about hurting others' feelings and hide, then kick themselves for not speaking up.

To ‘fix things”, they play whack-a-mole with strategies that work for others, but NOT THEIR UNIQUE PERSONALITY and needs.

 You're NOT here to struggle or play whack-a-mole. 

You're here to:

  • Say what you need to say
  • Have people action it
  • Even say, "thanks for the great feedback. You make it look easy"
  • And, you to think to yourself, "wow, that was easy"
  • All while owning your personality and making adjustments where needed

Which is why I created THIS Masterclass...

What you learn how to do in this Masterclass is based on walking this path myself and coaching thousands of people using their Enneagram type.


Here's what you learn and master:

  1. "What": Your Enneagram personality type tells you about your feedback STYLE. 
    So you know what you're uniquely doing, whether it's a performance review or talking about about an every-day topic (including your unconscious attitude others pick up on)

  2. "So what": How your style and personality POSITIVELY & NEGATIVELY IMPACT your effectiveness and comfort 
    So you are aware of what to look out for in your style and specific scenarios, BEFORE it happens (awareness is everything)

  3. "Now what": Strategies unique to your Enneagram type to DO THINGS DIFFERENTLY
    So you know exactly what to do to be effective, have your feedback actioned, and be comfortable - not playing whack-a-mole with strategies

  4. "How": How to APPLY the strategies specific to your Enneagram personality type to YOUR unique situation
    THIS is where you apply and practice your unique strategies before you need them. So you know what to do IN the moment.

  5. Structure: A proven framework to structure, package and deliver feedback. No guesswork needed.


FYI - I coach VERY differently than other Enneagram coaches


Most Coaches put you in a box by telling you your Enneagram type and your behaviors (sometimes the impact they have on how you’re perceived) but LEAVE YOU to figure out “what to do differently” on your own.


 I’m trained by experts who taught me to take you leaps and bounds further by:


  • Removing the guessing game of "why is this happening to me?" and I have no idea what to do!" and 
  • Replacing it with "ok, I know where I'm going to run into problems, the 2-3 things to do to avoid the problems or fix them in the moment, and how to make the necessary changes" 
  • Which gets results like, "OMG that was easy. They're listening to me. I'm less frustrated. They're less frustrated. We're all happy."


Which is why my coaching is so effective and gets results.


So, which feedback situation do you want to make easier in your life, and be more effective and listened to?

Let's get started making it happen for you.

Access the Masterclass

* Don't know you're Enneagram type?

No need to stress or worry. After you purchase the Masterclass you'll get a welcome email with links to take the assessment.

You're in the right place if you're thinking... 


“I’m thorough at explaining things, so why don’t people get it?”

“I’m coming from a good place, so why do others think I’m too critical or direct?”

“I don’t want to hurting others’ feelings or bother them.”

“Feedback and sharing my thoughts and details draining – but it means others find me curt."

“I’m told I’m overly analytic and lacking compassion (OR too emotional), and need to find a balance.”

“I go into a spiral when I get feedback, or even anticipate it.”

“I get defensive, especially if I don’t like the feedback or am unprepared.”

“I keep things positive, yet others don’t understand the issues I’m trying to tell them about and fix.”

"What do I need to KNOW and DO to make feedback EASIER and BETTER!"

That's me, take me to the Masterclass!

What students are saying...

“I feel READY. Now, I CAN have conversations about feedback and even asking for more help, without worrying so much about offending others or bothering them.

After doing this work I am more confident people will understand me AND I'm already seeing it happening every day."

 Doro P.

“I now know that I need to share more of my thinking and processes and feedback with others because my Enneagram type was coming across as rude and arrogant because I was unintentionally withholding information.

My relationships have already improved dramatically and I enjoy them more too."

Nichole B.

Hi, I'm your Coach, Jacqueline

Founder, Soar Coaching & Consulting
Certified Enneagram Coach - Level 2, iEQ9
Former Corporate Leader (Deloitte)
Creator, Power of the Ask Academy
Mom & Wife


As a Coach, my passion, profession, and zone of genius is equipping individuals (in and out of the workforce) and teams with incredible self-awareness, direction, confidence, and communication skills to more easily navigate their life and relationships, and achieve their deepest desires.

The systems and courses I've created and share with you are based on my experience making my life 10x easier and more enjoyable!

And they put fundamental rights BACK in people's hands — to know who they are and what they desire, and then go after and get it by confidently speaking up about their value, ideas, and needs. 

Using tools like the Integrative Enneagram personality assessment, my proprietary Power of the Ask framework, and 16 years of experience in the corporate and start-up world I create long-term transformation not just by "fixing" people's issues, but by TEACHING others how to UNDERSTAND themselves, REWIRE their mindset, and use my REPEATABLE STRATEGIES to COACH THEMSELVES through any situation - thus making their lives happier and easier.

Individuals and teams at companies like Salesforce, Google, Google Ventures, Qualtrics, First Republic Bank, Drift, and Duckhorn Vineyards (to name a few) plus many individuals NOT in the workforce look to me to guide them to be unstoppable in pursuit of their goals, more ease, and more enjoyment.

Ready to be more effective AND comfortable when giving and receiving feedback?


So you're heard, understood, comfortable, AND people action what you say? 

Yes, I am ready!

"Until you make the unconscious, conscious, it will rule your life and you will call it fate."

- Carl Jung

It's time to master your life by mastering your unconscious behaviors and learning to choose new behaviors.