How to avoid sabotaging your goals & easily achieve your dreams

A Masterclass to steer, not veery to your goals!  

This Masterclass teaches you how each Enneagram type's blind spots self-sabotage their ability to achieve their goals, AND the strategies unique to each Enneagram type to course-correct when you're struggling.  You'll go BEYOND just knowing your patterns. Know what to DO about them.

Ultimately so you achieve your material, physical, emotional, and health goals easier and with more ease and joy.


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92% of people abandon or don’t succeed at their goals because they don't understand how their personality's blind spots impact their desire and ability to set and achieve goals.


This is where knowing your Enneagram personality Type becomes your superpower.

The Enneagram is the most powerful growth tool I've seen in my experience and journey - period. This personality assessment not only tells us who we are, how we're motivated at our core, our strengths, and our blind spots - through 9 types - it also tells us:

  • How our unconscious patterns impact our desires and make it difficult to achieve our goals
  • Strategies unique to our Enneagram type to avoid sabotaging ourselves AND course-correct when we're struggling

Those who learn to recognize their patterns, AND the course-correcting strategies specific to their Enneagram Type...
Achieve their goals more effortlessly, and course-correct when they're struggling or off-track. Plain and simple.

Those who lack self-awareness and personalized strategies...
Remain frustrated, abandon their goals, and wonder why some goals are easier to achieve and others are HARD.

In other words, knowing how you set out to achieve your goals, based on your Enneagram type, gets you OFF the autopilot you’ve been living on, teaches you what to DO DIFFERENTLY, and enables you to more effortlessly achieve your goals and dreams.

With all the right personalized insights and strategies for your Enneagram Type, THIS Masterclass is everything you need to STOP wondering why you don't achieve your goals or it's hard to, and START achieving them with ease.

In this Masterclass, you'll walk away knowing how your Enneagram type:

  • EXCELS at setting and planning goals, completing tasks, and motivating
  • SABOTAGES goal setting, planning, completing, and motivating (aka your "blind spots")
  • Experiences FALSE BELIEFS that cause you to struggle
  • AVOIDS FIGHTING your blind spots & habitual patterns, & beliefs, AND steps into greater EASE
And MOST importantly:
  • ACTIONABLE STRATEGIES SPECIFIC to YOUR Enneagram type to SET better goals, STAY ON TRACK, and COURSE-CORRECT if you're sabotaging or off track or - including how to more easily plan, complete tasks, and motivate

Ready to stop letting your personality's bind spots get in the way of your goals?


And instead be unstoppable in the pursuit of your greatest goals and desires?


Yes, I'm ready to be unstoppable.

For example, I’ve walked this path, and here’s what I’ve learned through my Enneagram Type 7 to avoid sabotaging my goals & instead achieve them easily...


I've always known my Enneagram 7 type motivates me to set goals that are exciting, stimulating and bring joy to my life and others. Which means I have a lot of ideas! When I learned that the Type 7's blind spots that sabotage them included: not like being tied down to goals too tightly, having so many ideas I get spread thin, and getting bored easily, it made PERFECT SENSE why it was easier to start than finish things.

THEN a brilliant Coach taught me the strategies specific for a Type 7 to avoid this self-sabotage and my MIND WAS BLOWN! Since then, I use the strategies specific to my Type  7 and am consistently disciplined, follow through, and am enthusiastic. I also achieve all I desire.

What my students are saying...

“Now I understand WHY I felt misunderstood when I communicated and now have the tools to be understood and more confident.

This had been THE biggest roadblock between me and my success, feeling understood and decreasing my stress. I even worked with a Tony Robbins coach and he did not solve it, yet Jacqueline's Enneagram coaching did!"

Monika U.

“Understanding my Enneagram type through Jacqueline helped me as a Leader and Manager to better communicate with my team and help them continue to grow and master their craft. "

Vicki T.

Hi, I'm your Coach, Jacqueline

Founder, Soar Coaching & Consulting
Certified Enneagram Coach - Level 2, iEQ9
Former Corporate Leader (Deloitte)
Creator, Power of the Ask Academy
Mom & Wife


As a Coach, my passion, profession, and zone of genius is empowering individuals (in and out of the workforce) and teams with incredible self-awareness, direction, confidence, and communication skills to more easily navigate their life and relationships. Ultimately, so they achieve their material, physical, emotional, and spiritual desires.

The systems and courses I've created and share with you are based on my experience making my life 10x easier and more enjoyable!

They also put fundamental rights BACK in people's hands — to know who they are and what they desire, and then go after and get it by confidently speaking up about their value, ideas, and needs. 

Using tools like the Integrative Enneagram personality assessment, my proprietary Power of the Ask framework, and 16 years of experience in the corporate and start-up world I create long-term transformation not just by "fixing" people's issues, but by TEACHING others how to UNDERSTAND themselves, REWIRE their mindset, and use my REPEATABLE STRATEGIES to COACH THEMSELVES through any situation - thus making their lives happier and easier. 

Individuals and teams at companies like Salesforce, Google, Google Ventures, Qualtrics, First Republic Bank, Drift, and Duckhorn Vineyards (to name a few) plus many individuals NOT in the workforce look to me to guide them to be unstoppable in pursuit of their goals, more ease, and more enjoyment.

Ready to STOP wondering why you struggle to achieve your goals or abandon them, and START seeing your dreams become a reality - with ease and enjoyment?

Yes, I am ready!

"Until you make the unconscious, conscious, it will rule your life and you will call it fate."

- Carl Jung

It's time to master your life by mastering your unconscious behaviors and learning to choose new behaviors.