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My Powerful Ask Journal (Digital Edition)

From the creator of Power of the Ask System & Academy

If you could ask for anything and know you’d get a “yes” (and not be told you're too passive or direct), what would you ask for?

This Daily Powerful Ask Journal will teach you EXACTLY HOW to build a powerful and convincing ask, feel confident about the conversation, and speak with finesse - so you get your "YES".

And it also includes 40-days of journal prompts so you practice powerfully and effectively ASKING for what you desire DAILY – which is true empowerment.

Say "bye" to the frustrations and limitations in your relationships, career and health, and "HELLO" to empowerment and achieving your goals faster and easier!

Psst… It’s ok to have to learn “how to ask” – most of us were not taught how!

There are a million reasons you can tell yourself why you don’t ask and don’t (or won’t) get what you want, and I’ll tell you that the real reason is you lack the right preparation and mindset.

This Journal answers your question of "how do I ask for..." by teaching you the proven step-by-step system to overcome the biggest obstacles when asking:

  1. CLARIFY what you desire and when you know you have it
  2. Package your message so it’s understood and CONVINCING
  3. Rewire your MINDSET so you’re confident, instead of afraid, unworthy or guilty
  4. Adjust your DELIVERY so you’re clear and understood

Once you’ve learned this process, you'll avoid falling back into old patterns because...

  • You have 40-days of prompts to PRACTICE building, finessing, and delivering your asks

Remember what you said when I asked you "if you could ask for anything and know you’d get a “yes” - what would you ask for?"

Now buy this Journal, you'll receive your digital edition within minutes in your inbox, and let’s get you a “yes” to what you want.


Your Coach,


Author, My Powerful Ask Journal
Creator, Power of the Ask system
Founder, Soar Coaching & Consulting
Certified ICF, Enneagram & NLP Coach
Mom & Wife

About the Author

Jacqueline Hawk had a successful 16-year corporate career at companies including Deloitte, Disney and an acquired start up AND harmonious personal life once she learned how to ASK for what she needed daily – with confidence and conviction, and without being overly-masculine or pushy. Her transformation was like night and day!

When people started asking her “how did you do that”, realized she wrote down her process for preparing to speak up about her needs, value, and ideas and started teaching others who were stuck in their situations and wanted the results Jacqueline was getting.

Since then, Jacqueline has coached THOUSANDS of clients using her process, called “Power of the Ask” system” at companies including Google, Salesforce, Edwards Lifesciences, Alliant, First Republic Bank, Women in Venture Capital Finance, Patreon, numerous start ups and venture capital firms, AS WELL AS parents and people not in the workforce.

As a Human Design 4/6 Projector, she was designed to embody new ways of living with success and happiness, without the grind, and create and systems that enable others to do the same.

Jacqueline is also a certified ICF, Enneagram and Neurolinguistic-programming (NLP) coach, Member of the Forbes Coaches Council, Founder of Soar Coaching & Consulting, Wife and Mom who loves balancing new adventures with nesting at home, the beach, and anything that makes her laugh.

What People Are Saying:

Jacqueline's Power of the Ask system enabled me to personally and professionally sync up and action my higher goals and priorities, and re-ignite my confidence and self-assurance to successfully transition through various stages of my life and career.

Noelle, Global Digital Marketing Leader, Public Speaker, Web3 + Mom

My relationships with my partner has improved - and my happiness! I was feeling under appreciated and under supported - which made me resentful - yet nervous and guilty about asking for more help and appreciation. This approach helps me figure out EXACTLY how to approach each conversation where I want more help or appreciation, AND feel less nervous or guilty about the conversation.

Sarah, Mom of 2

I use this system often! I used it just yesterday to help align onboarding stakeholders with many loud differing opinions. And I used it a while back when I was approached by a company with an offer and ended up getting a higher base salary, permanent remote role, and a start date that worked for me.

Katherine, People Ops @ Google

For the first time I'm voicing what I need to my boss and others. My boss is taking on what I say, and I've even fallen back in love with my job!

Rosa, Co-Founder, Health-tech startup

My goal was to be promoted, but I had trouble wrapping my head around the approach. Insert Power of the Ask – all the data points that were spinning in my head were placed into an orderly line of strategic supporting facts I could execute on and case I should share. I got my promotion!

Meggie, Director of Venture Capital Services + Mom