Good things don't come to women who wait. They come to those who know how to ask

Power of the Ask System

Our 4-step system not only teaches women how to CREATE their dream life, career, relationships, boundaries, and health by powerfully communicating what you desire in every moment without being overly aggressive or masculine - it also HEALS your inner struggles with guilt, fear, worth and imposter syndrome. 

Are YOU ready to STOP dimming your light and hiding behind external factors and START shining bright, feeling free and LIVING passionately? And doing it with ease?


I am, get me started!

There are 3 ways to get started - which way do you want to learn to create your desired life?


My Powerful Ask Journal (ebook)

Love to read and write what to say before you say it? And have the accountability to do it frequently?

This eBook + journal pages to learn the 4 core steps in our system to tap into your deepest desires and start asking for (and getting) what you want DAILY whether it's something tangible or being heard, understood, and supported!

Great for those who love to read and write to practice and prepare before you speak.


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Power of the Ask Academy

Love bite-sized videos and being able to see your coach as you learn, but do so when you want and where you want?

This self-directed online course gives you ALL the strategies, scripts and mindset tools from my live workshops to create a new HABIT of tapping into what you want and speaking up for it to create the CHANGES you need most AND win-win situations.

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Workshops & keynotes

Love to learn in person and have a group who wants to be empowered, equipped, and work with me live through your specific scenarios?

My workshops and keynotes coach groups through everything from how to advocate for their careers, boundaries and well-being, to how to ask for more support and appreciation at home and within your families.

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Hi, I'm Jacqueline!

I'm a former corporate leader, certified coach, human & organizational development specialist, business owner, mom of 2, and wife who is on a MISSION to create a society where women are empowered and equipped to speak up for what they need and are worth, set boundaries and honor their boundaries, and feel comfortable when they receive everything they've ever wanted.

So we women CREATE and are FREE, instead of RESPOND and feel marginalized!

More about me later, but first...


The system you are here to learn took me from being stuck and following others' plans for me to:


  • Designing my own roles at Deloitte & a start up to fit my skills, passions & growth plans 
  • Negotiating 20% & 50% pay raises, extra team members, and virtual working (before it was a thing) 
  • Setting boundaries with my schedule and health HONOR them 
  • Overcoming microaggressions, and be TRULY in the right rooms, valued, & heard 
  • Navigating complex matrix organizations with ease and influence 
  • Marrying a man that meets my needs, including providing support and appreciation WHEN and HOW I need 
  • Being in FLOW navigating a household, marriage, and children and running a business
  • Creating a 6-figure business working part time while having serious boundaries in place!
  • Getting 60% off my luxury wedding venue to fit my budget
  • ...And numerous other "impossible" asks


Get me started with transformation like that!

Women at these companies are creating their ideal situations at every step, thanks to Power of the Ask

Transformations that are so great you have to read them!

"Power of the Ask enabled me to personally and professionally sync up and action my higher goals and priorities, and re-ignite my confidence and self-assurance to successfully transition through various stages of my life and career."


- Noello, Mom & Head of Digital @ Luxury Good PR  Agency, Web3 specialist

"For the first time I'm voicing what I need to my boss and others.

My boss is taking on what I say, and I've even fallen back in love with my job!"

- Rosa, Co-Founder @ Rupa Health


"My goal was to do it all without doing it ALL which requires delegating - something I struggled with.

Power of the Ask helped me not only build a script to confidently delegate, but also build my confidence to do so - without feeling bad about it or like they wouldn't like me."

- Doro, Mom, Wife & Chief of Staff @ Headline Ventures

"When I needed to re-organize my professional and personal life, Power of the Ask gave me a system to ask for ANYTHING I want - whether its a hire, a promotion, or support from my partner. I've also leveled up my people and time management skills.

Jacqueline's system is great at pulling out answers inside of you and applying them to your situation!"

- Bree, Business Development @ Ravix Group

"When I put the strategies to work, my boss told me that because I was able to clearly lay things out and demonstrate the value, it was the easiest promotion to Director he has EVER pushed through.

As a bonus, my promotion came with a 25% increase in pay (the average is 3%)!"


- Brenda, Director of Client Engagement @ Armanino

"I was searching for a way to advocate for my career growth while still being a team player and the Power of the Ask™ gave me strategies for speaking confidently about my value and aligning business need with my priorities for an outcome that worked for everyone.

I use the system ALL the time."

- Katherine, People, Operations @ Google

The Power of the Ask System has all the skills & strategies you need to say...


"Hallelujah, I know what I want, feel fired up about it, have a clear and convincing message, and the confidence to have the conversation - and GET the outcome I desire!"


This is typically when women wonder "what's in this system that gets such results?!"


While you'll find out ALL the strategies, scripts, life-altering mindset tools and guidance on how to apply everything to your unique situation IN the eBook and online Academy, what I can tell you now is an OUTLINE of what creates quantum leaps in my client's goals, happiness and manifestations (aka what you learn):


01 Create clarity

Everything hinges on knowing what you want, and how clear and specific you are about the outcome you desire. I guide you to:

  • Understand your "WHY" and the specific outcome you want (not a loose idea) 
  • Create the right words to describe it
  • Understand what is required to be clear in your message every time you speak and write
  • Learn the questions to ask yourself time and time again to tap into YOUR inner knowing and clarify what YOU want and want to say

02 Create a convincing message

Knowing what you want to say or achieve does NOT mean you'll get it - you NEED to package your message so it's easy to understand AND convincing and compelling. I guide you to:

  • Learn the proven script to package your message in that gets others to understand where you’re coming from and ready to say “yes” BEFORE you even insert your actual “ask”
  • Tailor tailor the script to YOUR specific situation and case
  • Learn the questions to ask yourself and others to GET the information you need to ensure your message is compelling, convincing and aligned with other’s priorities

03 Ease your inner struggles

Once you get closer to having the actual conversation, you'll experience ALL the narratives, beliefs and reasons not to have the it, why you won't get what you want, or anxieties that lead you to fumble through OR be “too direct”. I guide you to:

  • Release your narratives and limiting beliefs that create fear, guilt, worth issues and imposter syndrome
  • Rewrite your narratives so you’re propelled forward confidently to have the conversation and stand in your power 
  • All using proven neuro linguistic-programming (NLP) techniques to identify your REAL beliefs that cause your fear, guilt and imposter syndrome AND anchor in empowering beliefs

04 Deliver with finesse

Now that you have ALL the pieces and confidence to convince someone to give you what you desire, it's time to DELIVER your ask with a style that's well received. I guide you to:

  • Understand the strengths and weaknesses of your communication style
  • Learn what to ADJUST to be more influential, comfortable and impactful - instead of passive, wishy-washy, or “too direct”
  • Feel prepared AND confident you're ready to powerfully speak speak up about your needs, value & ideas!

You’re just a few steps away from your:


"Hell yes, I only had to say that once!"


"Wow, I feel more prepared and thus more confident to speak up and deal with this situation!"


"Wait, did you just say 'YES' to what I asked for?"


"Whoa, my career is advancing the way I want it to, my relationships are amazing, I'm supported and living the life I've wanted to manifest - instead of watching others pass me by!"


"Wow, I already have fewer regrets!"

Lets get you enrolled

Something inside knows you’re playing small, hiding, or your fire isn't fully lit - and you want to shine bright and love life.


You just need the right system to empower and equip you to speak up for yourself in ways you never have before, so your outer and inner experience are everything you dream of.


Power of the Ask Digital Academy


Love bite-sized videos and being able to see your coach as you learn, but do so when you want and where you want?

Get this self-directed online course, which also includes 2 powerful bonus modules including how to handle "no" and turn it into "yes".

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My Powerful Ask Journal (eBook)


Love to read and write what to say before you say it? And have the accountability to do it frequently?

Get our eBook + journal pages to learn the 4 core steps in our system to tap into your deepest desires and start asking for (and getting) what you want DAILY whether it's something tangible or being heard, understood, and supported!

Get the eBook & Journal

Live Workshops & Trainings

Upon request

Love to learn in person and have a group who wants to be coached live on anything from how to advocate for their careers, boundaries and well-being or how to ask for more support and appreciation at home and within your families.

Available formats:

  • Live keynotes
  • Live 2-hour & full-day trainings
  • On-demand Academy in your well-being & course catalogue
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Your life BEFORE Power of the Ask System


  • It's increasingly harder to get to the next level of your career and  relationships (and navigate the personalities in it)
  • You get to that "next level", then don't know how to navigate the BS
  • You feel shy or nervous, and find it hard to articulate what you want say – and are overly cautious 
  • You say something 5x then someone says it once and gets credit OR after the 5th time you're so frustrated you yell
  • You're pushed to talk, but your mood or preparation isn’t aligned – and you force your ideas onto others, and they're not well received 
  • You spend your time with this strategy and that strategy, like throwing spaghetti on a wall, but not seeing the results you desire  
  • You compare yourself to others and it makes you feel bad
  • ​You see others struggling with similar issues, yet are NOT willing to accept “this is how it has to be” 


Your life AFTER Power of the Ask System


  • You are empowered and living a life "by you" instead of reactionary and "to you" 
  • Your relationships are remarkably better 
  • Your career is advancing at the pace you want, with the right opportunities and pay 
  • You are supported and appreciated WHEN you want to be and HOW you want to be 
  • ​You are confident in any conversation 
  • You're heard and understood - and others action what you say 
  • ​You're clearly and succinctly articulating what you want to say in any room without thinking twice 
  • You're breaking down barriers and solving problems 
  • Others are asking YOU “how did you do that? You make it look easy


Let yourself be supported

There’s absolutely NO need to do this on your own


With my proven proprietary system, paired with what you have to offer and say, it's time to shift you into an empowered and powerful communicator who advocates for yourself with the right convincing message, timing and confidence - and is well received.


Take the first step and be part of many women who are shattering the status quo, re-igniting the fire in them and manifesting their dreams through powerfully spoken words…


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More from our growing community

"If you're uncertain about how to approach an issue at work, The Power of the Ask™ will help you clarify your purpose, desired outcome, and how to achieve it!"

- Katherine, People, Operations @ Google

"The type of hard questions Jacqueline askes helped the women of our Executive Advancement Program think differently. It's been amazing to hear how vocal they are in preparing to ask for a promotion, or having those challenging conversations with their leaders/Partners on aligning expectations to get to the next level. I love seeing their confidence rise, especially compared to how quiet many of them were before Power of the Ask."


- Sharon, Managing Director Consulting @ Armanino

"I am impressed how Jacqueline allowed sufficient time and space throughout the workshop for our people to brainstorm how to apply what they were learning to their current situation."


- Kenya, Employee Engagement Specialist @ Patreon


Read more testimonials here.

The buck stops here!


You are NOT here to live a pre-fab life.

You are NOT meant to be trapped by the expectations of others.

You are NOT meant to dim your light while others shine.


You ARE meant to design and create your destiny.

You ARE meant to feel free inside and out.

You ARE meant to shine bright and express yourself.


 I and the Power of the Ask system will get you there, so you too are saying... 

"oh my god, everything I want is falling into place!"


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