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Learn what 4 things you need to do to build a powerful ask that gets a "yes" for what you need to decrease your frustration, overwhelm and sacrifices - and START to thrive.   


With this Guide you will learn... 

  • Why your frustrations and limitations are a result of not knowing how to effectively ask the right questions, in the right frame to understand and get what you want

  • The 4 CRUCIAL steps in the Power of the Ask™ system to develop and deliver a powerful ask that gets a "yes"

  • What's required to level up your confidence to ask for what you want, including managing the beliefs that have hindered you

  • HOW to implement the 4-steps NOW to YOUR UNIQUE SITUATION to move from stuck to ACTION

Ultimately, so you are thriving in all aspects of your life and FEEL like it!

If you're ready, get started to the right!

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Hi, I'm Jacqueline

I'm the founder of the Power of the AskTM Academy that's getting women around the world the flexible schedules, empowerment, appreciation, promotions, and even 20-50% pay raises they need to thrive, be passionate, and healthy. All within weeks of completing my program. Ultimately, so more women have the career AND personal life of their dreams - without having to grind or sacrifice.

Having spent 16 years in corporate America working with startups and venture capital firms, I learned the hard way that the key to having a successful career, personal life, health and passion is - knowing what you want and how to ASK the right questions, in the right frame to get a "yes" to anything you ask for. It's NOT putting your head down, hoping you'll get noticed, being wishy washy about what you need, complaining to others hoping they'll help you, or jumping from situation to situation.

At first, I was in the GRIND and I was overworked, under appreciated, underpaid and burned out. I was on the wrong side of every the gender pay gap and mental health crisis. How much can you relate?

Then I developed the 4-step Power of the AskTM that transformed me to 

  • Designing my own roles to fit my skill set and interests
  • Negotiating 20% pay raises and virtual working (before it was a thing)
  • Setting my own schedule
  • Taking vacation as I wanted
  • All while rising in the ranks and developing thriving teams (including building Deloitte's Private Company Practice)
  • Having the capacity to start a marriage and family
  • Seamlessly navigating motherhood and the daily, fast pace changes life throws at me
  • Achieving the best health of my life

All because I knew HOW to understand what I want and ask the right questions in the right frame for others to say "yes" to me. 

Now it's YOUR turn. 

Should we work together...

You should know I'm known for my ability to see women deeply and make them feel recognized and known; to ask the right questions that help women access their truth; offer transformative perspectives and strategies that help others evolve; and show women a new way of succeeding and being healthy and empowered.

Are you ready for that?

If you're saying "YES" then get started above!

- Jacqueline

Creator, Power of the AskTM
Communications, Enneagram and Neurolinguistics Programming Coach
Forbes Coaches Council Member
Corporate Veteran (14 years @ Deloitte!)

Wife & Mom

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