I'm Jacqueline!

  • Creator, Power of the Ask System & Academy
  • Certified ICF, Enneagram and NLP Coach
  • Founder, Soar Coaching & Consulting
  • Former Corporate Leader
  • Mom & Wife
  • Enneagram Enthusiastic Visionary (7-4-1)
  • Human Design 4/6 (Sun: Conscious 17.6, Unconscious Sun 52.4)

I'm a corporate veteran turned communications and empowerment coach who helps women become confident communicators who design and navigate their lives EFFORTLESSLY (while helping their companies and relationships) - through proprietary systems and tools

My zone of genius

Zone of Genius is empowering others to solve their greatest problems by speaking up about their values ideas and needs using a SYSTEM I created to take problems and doubts and transform them into solutions AND back up those ideas/solutions with logic to be incredibly compelling and convincing. (Think: easily digestible to your audience).

This system ALSO uses NLP to release your limiting beliefs that have held you back from solving problems and getting what you desire most.

I'm designed to get you results

If you know the Enneagram, and Human Design, I’m an Enneagram SP 7-4-1 and Human Design 4/6 Projector with an conscious sun gate, unconscious sun gate, and mercury gate that's designed me to guide others to better prepare for and speak their minds - ultimately to live a life of joy.

My journey of "success" without health, fulfillment or feeling heard 

I spent decades in corporate America and startups for decades at companies like Deloitte, Disney and a startup that was acquired so I can talk about all things… GROWTH, PEOPLE and NAVIGATING TRICKY ENVIRONMENTS AND RELATIONSHIPS. The majority of my career was laid out for me yet I didn’t like the path ahead, the burn our or the professional or personal lives of those who’d walked before me.

I was intrinsically motivated to work hard and succeed, so my corporate titles were senior and I worked hard for them, yet I still felt hesitant to rock the boat, was underpaid, passed up for promotions despite being qualified, and burnt out. Often, I was in the right rooms yet missed amazing opportunities! I’d spin in my thoughts and spend time preparing the “perfect” delivery, and when I did speak up about what I wanted, I didn’t feel heard or understood. Or someone would repeat what I said and get the credit (grrr).

You read that right... I would feel anxious about speaking up and asking for what I wanted, and feared getting a "no" or feeling foolish.

Even in my personal relationships when I’d feel unfulfilled, under appreciated, or even walked over, other women would ask me “well, are you asking too much?”

On the contrary - I was not speaking up ENOUGH about my ideas, opinions, or needs!

What I and other women were missing

A system to help me (and us):

  • Know what I wanted instead of settling or struggling - and how we want it. 
  • Put together a convincing and compelling - to get a "yes"
  • Strategies to release limiting beliefs and worries that hold us back - so I was confident
  • Fine-tune my delivery to be heard and understood - instead of passive or "too direct"

Big. No, huge changes

  • From opting out when I wasn't happy TO designing my last 3 roles during my corporate years
  • From taking what was offered at face value TO negotiate and receive a “yes” to stipulations for new jobs (hello 20% pay raise!)
  • From feeling stale at work TO garnering special permission to pursue passions that also helped my employer thrive
  • From "doing" TO developing thriving and fulfilled teams
  • From anxious and backing down in situations TO communicating confidently in even the trickiest situations
  • From overworking and feeling resentful TO having boundaries and gaining energy and respect from them 
  • From decent personal relationships TO the marriage, family and support system of my DREAMS
  • Getting just about anything including 60% off my luxury wedding venue, to coveted reservations days in advance, to playgroup times that work FOR her family's schedule

Shifting focus to help you

Others would frequently ask me how I did this and I would reply, it’s all in the power of the ask”.

It was apparent others were looking for similar transformations and needing to KNOW HOW to ask for and receive what they want with confidence, clarity and conviction, so I founded Soar Coaching & Consulting.

Perhaps, most importantly, now that I'm a mom and a WORKING mom, I truly understand the "mom juggle", the guilt and challenge of navigating the day to day. My 4-step Power of the Ask system helps me DAILY to keep stress at bay, focus, and have the support I need to SOAR.

Are you ready to SOAR too?


Let's get you PAST frustration, exhaustion and even resentment and INTO the life, money, opportunities, health, support, schedule of YOUR DREAMS so you are happy, healthy, paid, passionate, and empowered.  


Are you ready for that for YOU?

Yes Jacqueline! I'm ready!


Salesforce, Google Ventures, Armanino, First Republic Bank, NADASQ, Alliant Insurance, HSBC, Burkland Associates, Vouch, KomodoHealth, Scale Health, SoGal Ventures, SOS, Rupa Health, Hathway, Purity Organics, Qualtrics, Bay Area Bar Association, to name a few.



  • 16-years of corporate and start-up experience working side-by-side with C-suite and Partners
  • Associate Certified Coach by an International Coach Federation Master Coach (4% of coaches worldwide)
  • Member of the Forbes Coaches Council
  • Certified Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) Coach by an Instructor for the NLP Institute
  • Integrative Enneagram individual and team coach, certified by the International Integrative9
  • B.S. in Human & Organizational Development, with a Leadership focus from Vanderbilt University
  • Coach for Bravely and Pilea, coaching people at all levels of organizations
  • I'm a Mom, Wife, Daughter, Sister and Friend, managing my day to day and relationships with greater EASE than ever.
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