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Ready to master your communication and confidence, so you direct your career, health, relationships, and success with confidence and influence?


And ensure that more you advance, the easier it gets, not harder?


Great - you're in the right place.

Our courses are divided into two "steps", to reflect the necessary process of growth and to get you results

 Step 1:

Master your Style

Gain awareness of your bad communications habits & create new, healthy habits in specific situations

 Step 2:

Communicate powerfully

Be powerful and influential in your career and relationships without being masculine or aggressive

The content, strategies, systems, and mindset tools in these courses are the same as what I coach LIVE icorporations, to leaders and their teams - you just get to learn on your own, and at a lower price point.

Step 1 Courses:

Master your style

(These use your Enneagram personality type, which is the most helpful & transformational assessment when it comes to insights, creating rapid change, and personalized growth strategies)  

Communicate with more confidence, conviction, & influence

Ready to end the days of being misunderstood, not saying what you want to say or being called "too direct" - and not knowing what to do about it?


Yes, take me to the Communication Masterclass!

Give & receive better feedback while feeling comfortable in the process


Ready to end the days of wondering why people don't follow through on your feedback, being told you're "too direct" or "too emotional", and feeling uncomfortable?

Yes, take me to the Feedback Masterclass!

Delegate better so you can "do it all" without "doing it all"


Ready to end the days of a never-ending to do list and feeling like you could work 80-90 hours per week and still not accomplish everything? 


Yes, take me to the Delegation Masterclass!

Steer, don't veer towards your goals or abandon ship


Ready to avoid being the 92% of people who abandon or don’t succeed at their goals because they subconsciously self-sabotage?


Yes, take me to the Goal Achieving Masterclass!

Step 2 courses:

Communicate powerfully

 Our proprietary "Power of the Ask" system goes beyond inspiring you to speak up when it matters most - it teaches you HOW to clarify what you want, package and deliver it with a feminine power that gets your 

Power of the Ask Academy 


Fall back in love with your job, regain your health, get support AND position yourself for greatness because you have the strategies, scripts and mindset to stand in your power and speak about your needs and ideas - with confidence, clarity and conviction.

Ready to leave your struggles and biggest problems behind now and every day?


Yes, take me to Power of the Ask Academy!

Stop Hiding, Start Asking (Mini-Course)


This 4-day mini-course of strategies delivered to your inbox will get you started with a taste of the full Power of the Ask Academy's strategies and mindset tools to powerfully speak about your needs, ideas and value. 

Ready to stop hiding behind your workload and fears, and start asking for (and getting) the things that'll make you happy? 


Yes, help me to stop hiding, and start asking!

What sets my courses apart from others and free content on the internet?


Other Coaches and free content show you the "autopilot" you've lived on. Then leave you to figure out "how to" navigate it and your unconscious patterns that have held you back.


I take you leaps and bounds further because I've walked this path and share my experience to teach you the BEST, most effective, efficient, and intelligent actionable and mindset strategies to 1) "get off autopilot", PLUS 2) the new behaviors,  systems and mindset required to master your life and 3) how to APPLY them to your life.


So you get what you want now AND can coach yourself through any future situation.


What are you waiting for?

Stop waiting.
Stop wanting.
Stop worrying.
Stop wishing for things to change or people to do it for you.
You need to do the work to make your desires happen.

Let's do the work together through these courses so you improve your career, relationships, AND health.


All because you are confidently, clearly and convincingly communicating your ideas, needs and value - and saying to yourself "I'm finally heard and navigating interactions with EASE!"


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