Courses to Start  Speaking your Truth

Ready to speak your truth?

Feel more confident in your day to day interactions?

Be more in control of your career, health, relationships, and success?

And for life to feel easier and more enjoyable?

Great - you're in the right place.

Step 1:

Understand Yourself





Self-awareness + Strategies + the Enneagram

Ready to END the days of self-sabotage and wondering "why am I not getting what I want?!" and "why am I not getting through to others?!" - and not knowing what to do about it? 

This masterclass is based on the Enneagram personality assessment and gives you unparalleled awareness of how you think, feel and act when it comes to going after your desires - then creates new, healthy habits in specific situations to be confident, heard & understood.

The Enneagram is THE is the most transformational assessment when it comes to creating rapid change and embodiment of your authentic self. 

If you know your Enneagram type, great. If you don't, I can send it to you.



Step 2:

Speak Powerfully



Power of the Ask Digital Academy

Ready to ditch holding back, being perceived as passive or aggressive when you speak - and start manifesting what you desire through being clear, confident and convincing?

This Academy uses my proprietary "Power of the Ask" system to transform you into a clear, confident, and convincing speaker who is heard, understood, and getting what you desire in your relationships and career - while banishing fear, guilt and imposter syndrome.

You'll learn and instill actionable strategies, scripts and mind-body techniques that will have you FEELING better about every interaction, in the driver's seat of your life, and experiencing an easier and more enjoyable life. 


What sets my courses apart from others and free content on the internet?


Other Coaches and free content show you the "autopilot" you've lived on. Then leave you to figure out "how to" navigate it and your unconscious patterns that have held you back.


I take you leaps and bounds further because I've walked this path and share my experience to teach you the BEST, most effective, efficient, and intelligent actionable and mindset strategies to 1) "get off autopilot", PLUS 2) the new behaviors,  systems and mindset required to master your life and 3) how to APPLY them to your life.


So you get what you want now AND can coach yourself through any future situation.


What are you waiting for?

Stop waiting.
Stop wanting.
Stop worrying.
Stop wishing for things to change or people to do it for you.
You need to do the work to make your desires happen.

Let's do the work together through these courses so you make the CHANGES you've been craving in your relationships, career AND wellbeing.


All because you are confidently, clearly and convincingly communicating your ideas, needs and value - and saying to yourself "I'm finally heard and navigating interactions with EASE!"


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