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Dial up your strengths 

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Enneagram coaching for individuals & team 
Welcome to the FASTEST and most EFFECTIVE way to gain clarity about who you are, how you’re perceived when you communicate AND the PERSONALIZED STRATEGIES for your personality to adapt how you communicate.

You'll not only start being heard, influential, and connecting better with others - but you END self-sabotage & UNLOCK your greatest POTENTIAL and BEST, happiest self.
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I now understand WHY I felt misunderstood when I communicated AND have the tools to be understood and more confident. This was THE biggest roadblock between me and my success, feeling understood and decreasing my stress.
I even worked with a Tony Robbins coach and he did not solve it, yet Jacqueline's Enneagram coaching did!"

- Monika, Global Head of Research @ Unity Technologies 

Your self-awareness journey starts here...

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Understand yourself, end self-sabotage, and be your best self 

Most Enneagram and personality assessments tell you the "box" you've lived in thanks to your unconcious patterns, and leave you there without tools to grow.
I take you further by teaching you how to get out of your "box" by leaning into your strengths AND the strategies unique to your personality type to course -correct when your unconscious patterns get in the way of your goals. My clients call the Enneagram their superpower. 



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Take team work to the next level, while diagnosing your culture

Imagine how much you'd excel if you knew your unique unique style of thinking, communicating and working; your colleagues' styles, how your styles impact team dynamics; and the strategies to work best together to achieve goals. Work would be more enjoyable too.
My interactive workshops and offsites are fun and effective ways to illuminate dynamics, provide solutions, and have fun.

We ALL have blind spots

Do you know what yours are - or what to do about them?

  • What if you knew EXACTLY what you do when you communicate that lands well with some people and rubs others the wrong way
  • What if you knew the unconscious self-sabotaging habits that you that you NEED to let go of to live an easier life and interactions? 
  • What if you knew the 2-3 strategies unique to your personality type to “do things differently” when interactions aren’t going your way? 


You’d undoubtably feel more confident when you speak, work better with others, influence others more easily AND ensure others do what you say without repeating yourself or having to “chase them down.” Not to mention, unlock your greatest potential, be your best self, and ENJOY LIFE MORE!


This is exactly what you achieve through my coaching program with the Enneagram!

Why the Enneagram?

The Enneagram isn’t any 'ole assessment that shines a flashlight on your behaviors and leaves you to be labeled by them or to figure out life with them (good and bad)!
No! The Enneagram and the way experts taught ME to coach with it is MAGICAL because:
  • It teaches you 2-3 strategies specific to YOUR Enneagram type to overcome your personality’s blind spot, grow and even destress 

  • The iEQ9 assessment I use is THE go-to for businesses and leaders. It's over 95% accurate (unlike cheap tests that are 50% accurate and leave people confused), & provides 42-pages of specific insights and tips 

  • You ditch that game of whack-a-mole and know what works for YOU IN the moment to be heard, understood, work well with others, influential AND less stressed – while being more authentically you than you’ve ever been before!

  • I'm certified to facilitate Enneagram sessions with teams and couples, so I can help you navigate any dynamic

Ready to KNOW who you are and how to be your BEST?

"We went from a hard working, passionate, and caring yet relatively quiet team of deep thinkers, to individuals speaking up more and sharing their opinions, asking for help to get more work done, and moving faster from analysis and brainstorming to strategic action.
In team coaching session with Jacqueline, she surfaces something that may not have come out otherwise, and then strategizes a practical and applicable solution that works for us."
- Robin, Senior Controller @ GV (Google Ventures)

I've been called a psychic and mind reader

I’m not, but by knowing your Enneagram type, I can tell you exactly how you behave in some of the most difficult and uncomfortable (yet critical) situations including the blind spots you wish no one knew about and you’d really like to get past, including:

  • Difficult conversations 
  • Setting & achieving goals 
  • Giving and receiving feedback 
  • Decision making 
  • Delegating 
  • Leading & managing (direct or indirect) 
  • Team / relationship dynamics


Ready for this depth of knowledge, self-awareness, and powerful tools to make CONVERSATIONS EASIER?



What sets apart Enneagram coaching with me?

Insights + results + fun 


  1. I don’t stop at revealing your behaviors - I give you 2-3 strategies unique to your personality to “do things differently”. So you’re not left wondering “now what” - so you know EXACTLY what works for YOU. 
  2. I teach you EXACTLY HOW TO APPLY these strategies to your unique situation  so you know what to do in the moment
  3. You learn how to coach yourself 
  4. You LOVE doing the work because you feel seen, validated and supported through change
  5. I use the most accurate Enneagram assessment – it’s 95% accurate thanks to an expert team of psychometrists and data scientists
  6. My clients see FASTER results than any other assessment - plain and simple

Self-aware and empowered individuals & teams who are authentic and having easier conversations...  

"Jacqueline is an intuitive who is gifted in understanding the hidden subtleties of a situation, drawing out those subtleties, and mirroring them back to you in a way that feels effortless and comfortable.
Whether live or in her self-directed courses, she allows the space for you to arrive at your own understanding, and empowers you to commit to any challenges that arise during the process."


- Erin, Experiential & Event Marketing Guru

"The Enneagram has become my superpower because the insights and Jacqueline’s coaching help me as a leader and manager to better communicate with my team and help them continue to grow and master their craft as salespeople.
I also did a team workshop, and my team LOVED the opportunity to see and be seen by one another, they also relished the chance to understand their deeper motivations, and identify blind spots so we can work on those in our 1:1 coaching sessions.”


- Vicki, Sales Manager @ Qualtrics

"As a small, rapidly growing start-up that’s moving quickly, the QUALITY of our communication determines how much time, money and resources it will take to reach our goals.
Jacqueline’s Enneagram workshop enabled our team of 9 to better understand how each individual communicates, chooses what to focus on and makes decisions so we could work better together, bring out the best in each other, and get better results.
Long after the workshop, I still see team members taking others’ work style into account and getting things done faster and easier."


- Jessica, Founder @ Huckleberry Labs
"It was eye opening to watch each team members share their Enneagram type, how they work, and our collective advantages and disadvantages.
The facilitated discussion was meaningful to better understand how we can work better watch out for pitfalls and grow stronger together."


- Jessica, Vice President of Financial Planning & Analysis @ Duckhorn Vienyards

"I really love the Enneagram. I worked with Jacque when I was CMO of Drift to bring Enneagram into my team and it really helped us better understand each other. Whether it was myself or the team, knowing our Enneagram type and traits helped us assess challenges and see how various Enneagram types were experiencing challenges and solving them.
Knowing my type is really useful as an advisor and executive leader as you rarely have a team of your same Enneagram."


- Tricia, Chief Marketing Officer & Hyper Growth Advisor (Former CMO, Drift)


Are you ready to say to yourself...
"I know what I'm doing in this situation AND what to do differently - and it's working!"


And have others say to you...
"wow I understand you and you make that look easy!"



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